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FREE Website SEO Grader Tool

Want to find out if your website measures up?

With our free Google website grader seo tool, you can check in seconds to see exactly where you stand.

Whether you want to see your progress with a high-quality SEO analyser or you want to know your starting point for SEO, we’ve got the best SEO audit tool for the job.

Before you start your seo campaign, try out our grader now to get all the details about your website from a professional website SEO company.

Website SEO Checker

If you’re planning to work with a website SEO company or you’d just like a good idea of where you currently stand with with your organic search results, our free website grader can give you all the insight you need.

The more information you have about your web page, the better placed you are to make effective, real changes that will make all the difference.

From brand new websites to eCommerce stores, local businesses to national corporations, our website ranking checker is the place to start your SEO journey.

Audit Your Website’s SEO Now!

Why use a Google SEO checker from Ignyt?

As industry specialists, we have the knowledge and insight to give you a great idea of what your SEO is like right now.

With our completely free service, you get access to all the metrics and guidance you need to make the best choice for your business.

If your SEO needs improvement or you want to keep the ball rolling on high-quality optimisation, using a website checker can give you the exact insight you need to keep track of what’s working and what isn’t.

What can you get out of an SEO checker?

Here are some of the metrics you can monitor with our free service:

Your domain score

Want to know how well your website is doing at a glance?

Our domain score gives you a quick idea of exactly where you are right now, based on numerous metrics.

The higher your score, the better optimised your website is.

Whether you’re keen to maintain a high score over time or you need to up the numbers, this metric gives you the foundations you need to make real, effective changes with your SEO – and see the results for yourself month after month.


Keywords are what can make or break your optimisation.

Our SEO grader gives you a general overview of your current keyword status, what you’re missing out on, and what you can do to make a difference.

If you haven’t yet thought about your keywords, our checker is a solid place to start your journey. Or, if you’re looking to see that audit improved upon, getting in touch with our expert team might be the ideal solution for you.


Want to know how many people find your website from Google, Bing, or any other search engine?

Our website grader provides insight into where your traffic is coming from, giving you an idea of how effective your optimisation strategy is.

Our grader gives you an overview of where your traffic is coming from, allowing you to see what SEO is doing for you.


The page loading speeds of your website can have a direct impact on your overall ranking and domain score.

Our site audit tool website analyser looks at how quickly your pages load against other sites, identifying any slower loading times that may impact your ranking on Google.

The faster your pages load, the better your ranking and overall domain score.

Technical SEO

Everything that goes on behind the scenes is just as necessary as what’s on the surface.

With an SEO grader like ours, you can get a good idea of what isn’t lining up on the technical side to help you climb those rankings.

Perhaps your meta descriptions aren’t up to standard, or maybe your HTML is a little too messy for Google’s bots to crawl effectively.

Whatever the issue, we’ll give you the heads-up about your page and off page signals.

Content issues

Content plays a significant role in organically climbing SEO rankings.

Using our Google website grader, you can get a good idea of what content doesn’t meet the necessary standards, and how your online presence stacks up.

From copy that’s too short to content that doesn’t have enough headings or keywords, we give you all you need to know to improve upon your content and meet Google’s guidelines.

Health check

Want to know what’s wrong with your website?

If you’re keen on metrics that tell you precisely what needs to change, a health check is a place to start.

Our free SEO grader can give you the foundations required to make optimisation work for your online marketing campaign.

From there, our expert team can provide high-quality SEO services to get your business where it needs to be. It’s as easy as that.

Website SEO Grader FAQs


Ready to try out our website grader?

Use the tool above right now to access a wide range of metrics and reports to help you make the best choice for your SEO.

If you’re after something more in-depth, our professional team are here to help.

Get in contact today to find out more about our dedicated SEO services.

From small businesses to eCommerce stores, our team are here to help you organically climb those rankings.

Talk to Ignyt today.

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