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Magento SEO Services

Magento SEO Agency

Searching for magento seo services near me?

As a specialist local SEO company with extensive experience in the best SEO for your business needs and requirements, IGNYTSEO is your ideal partner to boost your rankings and help your business become more visible.

Some of the key services we offer include:

Want to learn more about our services or discuss the options available for magento SEO services?

Get in touch with our specialist team today to learn more about magento 2 SEO and how IGNYTSEO can support you in organically climbing the rankings.

Magento Experts:
Why Choose Us?

Why work with IGNYTSEO as your trusted partner for magento SEO services?

As a specialist team that understands the needs and goals of your business, we’re the ideal choice to make the most of your optimisation.

We have extensive experience working with magento SEO extension and various services, making us the perfect option to build your rankings, beat your competition and bring in new potential customers.

Want to know more about why you should choose us?

Our friendly team are always here for a chat, so get in touch with us today to get started.

Magento SEO Services

Our services for magento SEO over a wide range of different specialist areas and techniques.

Whether you're looking to improve on your existing SEO or you want to start strong on a brand-new ecommerce venture, here's what we could do for you:

Keyword research

Thorough research of your brand, customer base, and market allows us to produce a list of relevant high-value keywords to support further SEO activities.

On-page SEO

Our skilled team carries out all on-page SEO work to boost your ranking, from creating original long-form content to amending existing copy and providing better navigation for bots and potential customers alike.

Off-page SEO

We work directly with you to enhance your credibility and authenticity through off-page SEO, connecting your brand with respected publications and directories to build links and establish a higher organic ranking.

Technical SEO

We work behind the scenes from page speed to meta descriptions to ensure your platform is up to scratch for all of Google’s ranking requirements.

We also consider technical requirements such as:

  • Canonical Tags
  • Rich Snippets
  • Alt Tags
  • SEO friendly URLS
  • Titles and Meta Descriptions
  • Layered navigation

Competitor analysis

Our specialists take a close look at your competitors to understand their strategies, practices, and gaps in the market, giving you more opportunity to close the gap and leave your competition behind on the rankings.

Monitoring and reporting

We provide regular reporting and monitoring of your SEO, utilising our expertise to ensure you are ticking every box for optimised growth month on month.

Our SEO reports are unique and provide complete transparency on the effectiveness of the SEO campaign.

Magento SEO FAQs

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