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YouTube SEO Services

YouTube SEO Agency

YouTube is a powerful platform that’s constantly changing and evolving, which makes building a YouTube channel a real challenge.

Many business owners just don’t have the time to upload captivating content multiple times a week!

Thankfully, you can grow your following and rankings on YouTube —all you need to do is hire IGNYTSEO services!

You’ll start ranking higher for your targeted keywords, leading to higher viewer rates, more followers, and if you’re linking back to a product or service page, more sales!

Our services include:

YouTube Experts: Why Choose Us?

Have you been searching for ‘YouTube SEO services near me’?

Well, we’re glad you’ve found us!

YouTube is king when it comes to watching videos, but not every business has the knowledge, free time, or skills to optimise their channel for success.

If you want high views, longer watch times, and more conversions, it’s crucial to produce high-quality, engaging videos well-optimised for YouTube and Google’s search algorithms.

That’s where IGNYTSEO comes in.

We’re a full-service digital marketing agency specialising in YouTube SEO.

Working with us takes the time and hassle out of building a successful channel.

We provide YouTube SEO for beginners and video whizzes alike—so why not contact us today for a YouTube SEO services FREE consultation?

YouTube SEO Services

Our services are key to unlocking success for your YouTube channel—find out more about what we can do for you below.

Keyword research

You may have the best content in the world, but if no one is finding it, you’re in trouble!

If you want to reach your audience and grow your company, you’ll need to hire an SEO agency.

If not, you’ll be leaving a ton of money on the table and won’t be able to maximise your search potential.

The IGNYTSEO team will work hard to discover the best keywords to drive more clicks and keep viewers coming back to your channel.

Competitor analysis

Achieving success on YouTube is tough—and staying one step ahead of your competition is even tougher.

You need a reliable source of information for gauging their performance and how it compares to your efforts.

With IGNYTSEO’s competitor analysis service, you’ll be able to see what your competitors are up to, whether or not their approaches are working well, and which topics are trending.

Whatever your niche, we’ll help you stay ahead of the rest.

Thumbnail optimisation

YouTube thumbnails should be relevant and attention-grabbing—if not, you could end up with disappointing results.

With IGNYTSEO, you’ll enjoy access to our expert team of content marketers and SEO analysts who will create captivating video thumbnails, giving them the best chance at reaching YouTube’s coveted front page.

Title, tag, and description optimisation

If your video titles, tags, and descriptions aren’t optimised, you could be missing out on the valuable traffic and remarketing potential that YouTube offers.

IGNYTSEO provides world-class video description optimisation services, making sure the right people find your videos, watch them, and click through to find out more about what your business offers.

Sign up for our service today!

IGNYTSEO will take care of everything so you can concentrate on what matters—creating content your viewers love.

YouTube SEO FAQs

Check out some detailed answers to the most popular questions we’ve received below.


We’re ready to help you with your video seo requirements.

Why not complete our Free Audit today.

Your Digital Success Starts Here

What are eCommerce SEO services?

You will not get many (if any) customers to your eCommerce site if nobody can see it. Our eCommerce SEO services involve improving every aspect of your website, from the functionality to the inclusion of the right words and phrases to ensure you reach the first page of as many relevant Google searches as possible.

Google scans your website using AI bots and this information is indexed. If your site is properly optimised for SEO, then Google will index it favourably, which will improve your ranking, in turn leading to more traffic and more sales. Remember SEO is a long term game. Our team is experienced with all eCommerce platforms and understand the latest updates and algorithms that search engines are using to index websites. With the assistance of our SEO team, your eCommerce website will be highly visible for large numbers of customers motivated to purchase from brands like yours.

How do eCommerce sites do SEO?

There are many elements to eCommerce SEO that need to be optimised to reach the highest volume of qualified consumers searching for your products online. The first is to understand what search terms they are using in Google to find you. They are called keywords and our team can research the leading keywords your potential buyers are using and then use them in your headlines, content pages and blogs so that Google will connect you to those consumers when they come looking for you.

Another important aspect is your technical SEO. How well your site functions is a key part of the customer experience and Google does not want to connect searchers to websites that are slow to load, hard to navigate or not optimised for use on mobile devices. Our experienced technical SEO team will look under the hood to find every possible way to improve your site and make it lightning-fast and simple to navigate.

Building backlinks is another essential part of eCommerce SEO. You want as many reputable websites as possible to link back to your site, while also providing strong internal links that help make it easier for users to find their way around your site. Part of our SEO services includes building your backlinks to elevate your ranking in Google searches.

There are many other technical elements as well, like providing Google with the right keys to navigate your website in your sitemap and robots.txt files. If Google can understand what your site is about and how to navigate it, then your consumers will as well, and Google will be more likely to connect you to them.

How much does eCommerce SEO cost?

There is no set price for eCommerce website SEO optimisation, as it depends on the complexity of your website, its current ranking and the level of SEO services you require. You can get basic SEO services for around $1000 a month in Australia that will provide only the essential SEO requirements. This level of service is more suited for small businesses with smaller budgets that are just starting out in eCommerce.

However, budgeting for SEO optimisation should always be viewed as an investment, rather than an expense. With Ignyt, you will receive reports and tangible evidence that the SEO services being provided are delivering customers and converting sales. By investing in mid-level, top-tier or custom SEO services, you are going to be more likely to achieve high volumes of sales, depending on your industry and the demand for your product.

With Ignyt, you will receive full transparency on costs and how they have impacted traffic to your website and sales so that you can see the money you have invested in growing your eCommerce business.

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