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International SEO Services

International SEO involves structuring your website so that search engines can easily identify the countries you are targeting and the languages you use for business.

It is all about ensuring that search engines can find your website and rank it highly in the countries and languages that matter to you.

IGNYTSEO international SEO provides a complete suite of services to ensure your site gets high search engine visibility in all your geographic markets and languages.

IGNYTSEO international SEO services

The international SEO services offered by IGNYTSEO are designed and delivered by respected creative and technical professionals.
Our strategies are driven by data, not mere opinion.

They are focused on ensuring you get more clicks, higher conversion rates and greater revenue.
Our international SEO agency services include:

Why choose IGNYTSEO?

We are international SEO experts with an exemplary record of client satisfaction, as evidenced by our high client retention rate.

These are some of the benefits we bring to client marketing campaigns.

International SEO Services

Website language translations for each target market

A professionally translated website is critical to the success of your international SEO strategy.

We have in-house mother-tongue linguists to perform expert translations of your website content.The linguistics team has a deep understanding of in-country language usage and search behaviour.

IGNYTSEO never uses machine translations of your home country content.

Although automated translations are good and getting better, they are not yet good enough. We also take meticulous care not to duplicate your content across different pages of your website.

One of the biggest dangers when internationalising a website is that of inadvertently duplicating content. If this occurs, it makes it harder for search engines to decide which page to show to searchers. Duplicate content competes with itself, so the ranking of each of your individual pages suffers.

Website optimised for cultural and local relevance

International SEO is much more than simply translating your home country website content. It requires understanding cultural differences across countries and even linguistic differences across countries.

The Spanish spoken in Spain is different to the Spanish spoken in Mexico. It is critical to recognise these differences if you are to operate effectively across countries. Our in-house mother-tongue digital marketers create localised text and image content that presents your brand message in a culturally and linguistically sensitive way while being optimised for international search.

By customising information to the local language, culture, currency, time zone and contact details, you send search engines, and users, a strong signal that they are on the right page. Cultural differences can be critical. The same word or image can have completely different meanings in different cultures.

We understand that linguistic nuances and cultural differences make each territory unique. Using the wrong phrases and images can damage authenticity and trust. The same applies to colour and page layout. Our dedicated, in-house mother-tongue linguists will tailor your campaign to improve its cultural relevance and local authenticity.

They know how to best employ local idioms, metaphors and cultural benchmarks. They are also familiar with idiosyncratic local consumer tastes and buying preferences. They use this knowledge to craft persuasive content honed for cultural relevance and maximum user engagement.

Perform keyword research before you prepare your content

Your content strategy should begin with solid research to identify the main keywords being used in the individual countries and languages you are targeting.

We never simply translate your home country content. We use research to get inside the heads of your international users.

Establish an international-friendly URL structure for your website

International SEO is based on country targeting and language targeting and that involves establishing an international-friendly URL structure. This task can be worked at the top domain level, a second at the subdomain level and a third at the subdirectory (subfolder) level.

An international-friendly URL structure provides a clear signal to search engines that your website has international content.

For example, the use of country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) is common practice.

Webmasters use two-letter codes in URLs to identify for search engines and users the country in which their website is registered.

For example, the domain xyz.it indicates the xyz website is registered in Italy.

This structure provides the clearest signal to search engines that your website has international content. For this reason, websites with a xyz.it structure tend to rank high locally.

However, this structure is expensive to maintain, and each site – xyz.it, xyz.au, xyz.us, xyz.uk and so on – has a separate domain authority. If you are country targeting, using a ccTLD is a good option.

But if you are focused on language targeting, using a ccTLD may not be the best option since a ccTLD targets a specific country, not the language spoken in that country. The IGNYTSEO technical team can help you determine which strategy is best for you and design an appropriate URL structure for your website to meet your international ambitions.

Increase website visibility by all search engines

If your site struggles to be ranked by important foreign search engines, our teams have the knowledge to help you.

We understand the importance of achieving high ranking by local search engines in countries relevant to you, particularly Baidu in China, Yandex in Russia and Naver in South Korea.

Streamlined communications and reporting

Our ability to handle all your SEO needs across the globe means you will need to communicate with only one SEO agency.

This avoids the additional time needed to deal with multiple SEO agencies and will streamline your communications. We also offer detailed reporting of SEO results from all or any individual country campaigns.

Our detailed reports allow you to easily monitor and track your SEO performance in all your international markets.

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