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Keyword Research Services

Finding the best keyword research services is step one to an effective SEO strategy.

As SEO specialists, our team at IGNYTSEO offer keyword research services to help you find the best terms to target as part of your search engine optimisation strategy.

Whether you’re a brand new business looking to make a splash or a long-term brand looking to harness the power of SEO, our high-quality keywords research is the best place to start.

Keyword Research Agency

As a keyword research agency and SEO specialist, IGNYTSEO provides a wide range of services to help you find the right keywords for your business.

These include:

Keyword Research Experts:
Why Choose Us?

As one of Australia’s top SEO agencies, IGNYTSEO is the ideal choice for effective keyword research for your business.

We use the latest tools and technology to deliver accurate search volume results that benefit your business, helping you climb Google rankings over time organically.

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable search terms team to take the work out of keywords research and help you understand how organic search can help you, IGNYTSEO can deliver what you need.

Keyword Research Services

Audience identification

We work directly with you to identify and understand the audience for your products or services.

By taking this approach first, we’re able to find keywords that are relevant and of high value to your target customer, delivering optimal results for your broader SEO strategy.

This helps to engage users that will deliver quality search traffic back to your website.

Competitor analysis

Looking at what your competitors via keyword research tools, and what they are doing well and any gaps in the market can inform which keywords we define for your business needs.

By closely examining other businesses in your niche, we’re able to see what your potential customers regularly search for to create a keyword strategy that’s as targeted as possible.

We will study how they stack up and compare it to your website.

We will look at monthly search volumes, find low competition keywords, as well as keywords with high search volume that your competitors have keywords ranking for and report on their domain authority.

Keyword research

Our SEO keyword researchers use a wide range of professional tools and resources to deep dive into your particular market and discover the most relevant keywords.

We then collate all keywords in one easy-to-use document for your ongoing SEO strategy and goals.

Website mapping

Need to climb the rankings for a specific product or service?

Our keyword website mapping services can help you define the right keywords for the correct pages.

Website mapping can make the difference if you are introducing a new product or have intense competition for a specific service.

This is a keywords based approach per page that can deliver highly relevant and niche traffic back to your website.

Keyword Research FAQs

Get the best keyword research at IGNYTSEO

Keyword research success starts with IGNYTSEO.

What are you waiting for? Checkout our free SEO website grader today to get started.

We’re a phone call a way to begin your SEO success journey.

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