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BigCommerce SEO Services

BigCommerce SEO Agency

Are you starting up a new eCommerce store with BigCommerce, but aren’t sure how to drive customers to your page?

Or maybe you’re already running a store, but you’re not seeing the results you expected.

BigCommerce is a great platform for business owners, but implementing and maintaining quality SEO while handling every other aspect of your business can be a real nightmare!

With IGNYTSEO, you don’t have to worry about which keywords to use or how to optimise your product pages, we know that ecommerce SEO benefits your website if done correctly.

Our expert team will take care of it.

Our services include:

Contact IGNYTSEO today for your FREE consultation and find out how we can send your BigCommerce store’s rankings through the roof..

BigCommerce Experts: Why Choose Us?

Handling your BigCommerce store’s SEO in-house is time-consuming and challenging, especially if your team isn’t well-versed in the platform’s specific processes.

Thankfully, at IGNYTSEO, our professionals have in-depth experience with BigCommerce and other eCommerce platforms—we know exactly which steps to take to raise your rankings and keep them high.

When you choose IGNYTSEO, you’ll receive dedicated, one-on-one service, support, and advice from our expert team. We cover everything from optimising themes and content to installing the right applications, to implementing powerful keywords—all you have to do is sit back and watch the customers roll in.

If you’d prefer a more hands-on approach, we’ll work closely with you to ensure your business grows and expands just how you’d like it.

Contact us today to start your BigCommerce SEO journey—or continue reading to discover more about our services and what we can do to help your business thrive.

BigCommerce SEO Services

In this section, you’ll find out more about some of the specialised BigCommerce SEO services we offer at IGNYTSEO.

Keyword research and optimisation

Is your BigCommerce store struggling to get organic traffic? Have you been working hard on adding new content and products, but you’re still not getting any views or clicks?

In today’s highly competitive online world, businesses need quality keywords and smart implementation to get ahead of the competition.

It’s not about about stuffing a few relevant words in here and there—modern search algorithms are more sophisticated than that!

When you work with the IGNYTSEO team, we’ll regularly research the latest keywords, implementing them naturally within your site’s title tags, headings, and product descriptions.

This is the best way to organically drive more traffic to your website and place your products where interested customers are guaranteed to see them.

Content Strategy

By way of example, if someone typed bigcommerce seo services near me into a search engine, then Google or BING will list or show ads, local map results and organic listings, images and other various results on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP).

If our website did not have the right content to cater for that search query, then a search engine will not showcase that website.

So it is important to have a solid content strategy.

It all starts with understanding how your users would find your business.

Completing a comprehensive competitors analysis, utilising eCommerce SEO tools and SEO technique to work out what content would be best suited for your website.

This is where having a well researched bigcommerce sitemap will be of prime importance, and if it not SEO optimised, then you will likely be seeing minimal traffic to your website.

Content Creation

Content Creation is the process of producing a piece of content (for example a review article, image or video) that is guaranteed to enthuse, inform and entertain the reader – hopefully prompting them to buy the product or service being pitched.

Once we have a range of topics developed from a well researched content strategy, we can work with you to create content for your website.

We have processes in place to avoid duplicate content, and to focus on products and categories that will deliver your business a return on investment.

Utilising Google Analytics and Google Search Console among other tools, we’ll work towards creating content that compliment the user experience and what people want to learn about.

Comprehensive reporting

Struggling with analytics and insights?

With IGNYTSEO, you’ll receive detailed monthly reports that include detailed data, recommendations, results, and more!

It’s the best way to scale up your brand and see how well your business is performing month-on-month.

When you choose our team, you’ll receive detailed high quality monthly reports straight to your inbox, including all the information you need to see how well your business is performing and the results you can expect in the coming months.

BigCommerce SEO FAQs

Digital Success Starts Here

For all things search engine optimisation, IGNYTSEO is here to help.

We are in it for the long term, and as true SEO experts your success is our success.

Hire our BigCommerce SEO Experts today and begin your journey to digital success.

What are eCommerce SEO services?

You will not get many (if any) customers to your eCommerce site if nobody can see it. Our eCommerce SEO services involve improving every aspect of your website, from the functionality to the inclusion of the right words and phrases to ensure you reach the first page of as many relevant Google searches as possible.

Google scans your website using AI bots and this information is indexed. If your site is properly optimised for SEO, then Google will index it favourably, which will improve your ranking, in turn leading to more traffic and more sales. Remember SEO is a long term game. Our team is experienced with all eCommerce platforms and understand the latest updates and algorithms that search engines are using to index websites. With the assistance of our SEO team, your eCommerce website will be highly visible for large numbers of customers motivated to purchase from brands like yours.

How do eCommerce sites do SEO?

There are many elements to eCommerce SEO that need to be optimised to reach the highest volume of qualified consumers searching for your products online. The first is to understand what search terms they are using in Google to find you. They are called keywords and our team can research the leading keywords your potential buyers are using and then use them in your headlines, content pages and blogs so that Google will connect you to those consumers when they come looking for you.

Another important aspect is your technical SEO. How well your site functions is a key part of the customer experience and Google does not want to connect searchers to websites that are slow to load, hard to navigate or not optimised for use on mobile devices. Our experienced technical SEO team will look under the hood to find every possible way to improve your site and make it lightning-fast and simple to navigate.

Building backlinks is another essential part of eCommerce SEO. You want as many reputable websites as possible to link back to your site, while also providing strong internal links that help make it easier for users to find their way around your site. Part of our SEO services includes building your backlinks to elevate your ranking in Google searches.

There are many other technical elements as well, like providing Google with the right keys to navigate your website in your sitemap and robots.txt files. If Google can understand what your site is about and how to navigate it, then your consumers will as well, and Google will be more likely to connect you to them.

How much does eCommerce SEO cost?

There is no set price for eCommerce website SEO optimisation, as it depends on the complexity of your website, its current ranking and the level of SEO services you require. You can get basic SEO services for around $1000 a month in Australia that will provide only the essential SEO requirements. This level of service is more suited for small businesses with smaller budgets that are just starting out in eCommerce.

However, budgeting for SEO optimisation should always be viewed as an investment, rather than an expense. With Ignyt, you will receive reports and tangible evidence that the SEO services being provided are delivering customers and converting sales. By investing in mid-level, top-tier or custom SEO services, you are going to be more likely to achieve high volumes of sales, depending on your industry and the demand for your product.

With Ignyt, you will receive full transparency on costs and how they have impacted traffic to your website and sales so that you can see the money you have invested in growing your eCommerce business.

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